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TABE is a norm-referenced test.  A norm-referenced test compares an examinee's scores to a group that took the tests and provided "normal" scores.  The results are reported as a percentage as compared to the norming group.  A scaled score represents an educational level at which a student can be placed.  To learn more about TABE, go to the Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) website.

In order for tests to be used for official reporting, they must be approved by the National Reporting System. TABE 11 & 12 provides assessments in the areas of Reading, Math, and Language. These tests are NRS-approved through February 5, 2025.

DRC has created an online training option for individuals to complete on their own time. Those that want to choose this option can go to To be certified to administer the TABE 11 & 12 tests, the individual must complete both Parts 1 and 2. The training links, along with the needed password, can be found on the first document.

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TABE 11 & 12 Implementation Training

This is a basic, introductory training, designed to introduce participants to the administration of TABE !!&12 assessments, and walk them through the process, from Locator test to post-test.  The intended audience for this training includes:


  • New teachers who are not familiar with the TABE 11&12 assessment system

  • Other new support staff who may be responsible for intake and assessment

  • Intake and support staff who may be familiar with TABE assessments, but who want to gain a better understanding of TABE 11&12


Implementation trainings are 3 hours long. The optimal number of participants is 8 to 25 people. These trainings are available to Minnesota ABE consortia and their partners. Please contact Marty Olsen ( to schedule a training.


To view currently scheduled trainings, go to the Calendar.

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Minnesota-made Resources

Below are links to some resources that Minnesota practitioners have created and shared with the field:

TABE Instructional Guides (Developed by Metro North staff)

TABE Online and
Remote Testing

Online testing can be done face-to-face in the same space or remotely. Guidance can be found on the TABE website.

Computer-based Testing On-site

Remote Testing with TABE

  • When the intake staff is comfortable with computer-based testing, they may choose to implement remote testing. There is information about the remote testing options at

  • This document includes instructions for both the proctor and the student involved in remote testing.

  • SAMPLE EMAIL to STUDENT PRIOR to TESTING REMOTELY - Metro North has shared the email that they send out to learners prior to remote testing. They want to ensure that the student's home device will support remote testing. Click here to view the document.

Presentation Powerpoints and Handouts
Test Prep Links

The links below will open to documents or site on the internet that will assist students in preparing to take TABE assessments.




Language - Writing Links

Reading Links

Mathematics - Basic

Mathematics - Advanced (Algebra, Geometry and beyond)

Resources for CCR Standards Instruction

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