Improving Your TABE Scores
Guide to Administering TABE - A Handbook for Teachers and Test Administrators
This handbook provides information about the TABE assessments, as well as providing instructions as to appropriate practices in administering
the TABE assessments.  This
handbook can be used when training new staff to administer the TABE assessments.  The links presented below
are also included in the handbook.

Presentation - CASAS and TABE - Side by Side

Score Conversion Charts - Complete Battery
The links below are to documents created by Minnesota programs to assist teachers and support staff in determining where individual test  
scores fall in relation to the validity of the scores.  These charts are suggestions only, based on the experiences of the two large programs.
TABE 9 Complete Battery Reading - Color (Minneapolis)
    TABE 10 Complete Battery Reading - Color (Minneapolis)
    TABE 9 Complete Battery Reading - Color (DOC)
    TABE 9 Complete Battery Reading - Black & White (DOC)
    TABE 10 Complete Battery Reading - Color (DOC)
    TABE 10 Complete Battery Reading - Black & White (DOC)

    TABE 9 Complete Battery Math - Color (DOC)
    TABE 9 Complete Battery Math - Black & White (DOC)
    TABE 10 Complete Battery Math - Color (DOC)
    TABE 10 Complete Battery Math - Black & White (DOC)

    TABE 9 & 10 Complete Battery Language

 Score Conversion Charts - Survey
   TABE 9 & 10 Survey Reading
   TABE 9 Survey Math
   TABE 10 Survey Math
   TABE 9 & 10 Survey Language

Preparing for the TABE
This is a free, downloadable book created by the Florida Department of Education.  It is patterned after the "Getting to Know TABE" book
available for purchase from Contemporary/McGraw-Hill.  The purpose of this book is to familiarize students with standardized testing

TABE Test Study Guide
This 49-page booklet includes test-taking strategies and hints for the Reading, Mathematics and Language portions of the TABE test.

Online Assessment Tests
Test Prep Review
This site provides self-assessment module quizzes in many specific skill sets from the TABE assessment.  The assessments are printable
and include an answer key.  There is no specific rubric, however students are encouraged to note the areas in which they see gaps in
their knowledge.
TABE Test Improvement Links
This is the second part of the Test Prep Review site and includes links to specific sites on the internet that address the skills that the
students identified as lacking.
Varsity Tutors
This site includes free practice tests for a variety of standardized tests, including GED and Accuplacer tests.

Online Links for Students
The following links may be helpful to students who wish to use the internet as they prepare for the GED.  Additionally, these links may assist the
student in building the skills necessary for improving their TABE scores

Language - Writing Links
   Grammar Bytes
   Essay Punch
   Guide to Grammar and Writing
   OWL Online Writing Lab
Reading Links
   Literacy Resources
   California Distance Learning Project
   Reading Comprehension Connection
Mathematics Links - Basic
   Khan Academy Exercise Dashboard
   AAA Math
   Aplus Math
   Simple Fractions
   Math Worksheets Land    
Math Goodies
Mathematics Links - Algebra, Geometry and beyond
   Khan Academy

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